Chemex International Ltd

Create a rewarding lifestyle by offering essential hygiene services and products.
Over the last 30 years, Chemex has combined being a leading supplier of premium cleaning products with being an advisor on best practice hygiene systems to businesses throughout the UK.
There is huge demand from businesses for greener cleaning solutions. Chemex products are formulated to take advantage of this growing market. Capitalise on the demand with loyal customers who keep coming back to you time and again, providing you with a regular income and a profitable business.
Our customers include luxury hotels, exclusive restaurants, high street stores, care homes and the emergency services, to name but a few, and our goal is to help them to protect their reputations in all hygiene matters and achieve excellent standards of cleanliness.
By joining our network, you will benefit from real opportunities for growth and profitability. You will be delivering a valued service on your territory, that will allow you the satisfaction of seeing your hard work and effort rewarded.
If you are looking for a franchise opportunity that enables you to capitalise on your entrepreneurial spirit and your ambition to be your own boss, to build on your existing skills, and to create a lifestyle that rewards your success and dedication then Chemex is the ideal franchise partner for you.

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