Global Franchise Magazine

Global Franchise magazine is the only publication dedicated wholly to international franchising.

Designed to be read by franchisors, master franchisees and regional developers, this global title is a respected resource of essential information for brand owners intending to expand overseas - and a shop window of opportunities for would-be master franchisees looking to buy into the perfect brand.

Drawing on the expertise of people well-established in the world of franchising, our unique system of distribution in first and business class airline lounges around the world - as well as at major franchise expos worldwide - ensures that each copy is read by a targeted audience. The magazine is complemented by a strong online presence at, which provides up-to-the-minute franchising news, advice, features and information.

Global Franchise also hosts the annual Global Franchise Awards, and runs GFTV, a series of video interviews featuring key figures in franchising.

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