Paysera is a flexible online payments platform, successfully operating on the international scale. Its service scope includes international money transfers, currency exchange, payment gateway for e-shops, QR code payments, SMS payments, payment cards, ticketing system and other unique payment solutions for business.

Paysera business model is built on the infrastructure of partner network that provides Paysera services all over the world on cost-friendly conditions. Key resources of sales, client support and marketing help to reach new clients via main distribution channels - Internet, direct sales and various events. Currency conversion and processing of online payments are the two major business areas of Paysera. Also the highest in revenue. Thus, the main profit of Paysera is generated by enterprises involved in e-commerce and international trade businesses. Yet, Paysera is much more than that, as it always seeks to bring additional value to clients by services such as payments for utility services, free bank transfers, free IBAN accounts, funds management via mobile APP, instant and free internal transfers, various cash-out operations and more. This way Paysera not only attracts new clients, but also encourages its existing users to stay active and replace all services provided by banks with just one Paysera account.

Franchise package include:
• Back-end and front-end software;
• Access to the franchiser's intellectual property;
• Access to current Paysera services;
• Development and adaptation of services;
• IT support and technical integration with essential local partners;
• The international infrastructure of banks and other partners;
• Business management systems;
• Client support and call center systems;
• Assistance in acquiring a necessary license.

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