Platinum Property Partners

Platinum Property Partners is the world's first property investment franchise. We provide on-going education, mentoring and support for people looking to build their own portfolio of specialist buy-to-let HMOs (Houses in Multiple Occupation). We work with all of our Franchise Partners to ensure that they achieve a lifelong annual income of £50,000 to £150,000, using our tested and proven business model.

When a Franchise Partner joins our network, they learn everything they need to know to create, maintain and sustain their own profitable property business. They attend many bespoke training and workshop days, which offer not only our expertise, but provide an opportunity for them to learn and develop the skills of building, marketing and growing their ideal portfolio in a tax-efficient business structure. It is then our responsibility to lead and support them throughout their property investment journey, empowering them to succeed and ensure that their businesses continue to be profitable in today's unpredictable and ever-changing market.

Unlike other franchises, our Franchise Partners own the assets from day one, so their income continues long after their commitment to us has expired. Most properties generate an average of £17,000 annual gross profit - 40% higher than traditional buy-to-let models.

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