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1 & 2 OCT 2021


Fantastic Services

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Over the last decade, Fantastic Services has successfully built one of the most diverse franchises in the UK with an impressive portfolio of over 25 domestic and commercial property services and a number of innovative business management solutions. The company has more than 500 franchise partners across the UK, the US, and Australia.

On an average day out in London, you are sure to spot at least a few of the hundreds of Fantastic Services vehicles that roam the busy streets of the capital. From professional cleaning and regular domestic care to gardening, handyman, pest control and much more - the potential for investment and business growth is tremendous.

Fantastic Services by numbers
• 25-plus property maintenance services
• 10-plus years of experience
• 50,000-plus customers each month
• 2,000-plus Fantastic professionals
• 500-plus franchise partners on three continents
• 500-plus staff experts who offer their sales, customer service and marketing support to our franchisees
• £6m-plus invested in technological solutions

While the sheer size of the brand and its flexible franchising model are feats on their own, these are hardly the most exciting aspects of Fantastic Services. What truly stands out is the brand`s focus on technology and innovation.

It all starts with a simple and hassle-free on-boarding process. Fantastic Services has a fully automated online training platform which allows franchise partners to quickly and effortlessly get onboard with standards, procedures and service requirements.

The company has developed its very own, custom-built customer relationship management system (CRM) to automate all sorts of processes that help franchisees run their businesses. With many cost- and time-saving capabilities for optimised service provision for anyone who operates as part of the network, the system ensures minimum hassle for Fantastic Services franchisees.

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