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Fast food can be healthy, fresh, and available anywhere. We've pioneered a culture where 'fast' and 'healthy' are not contradictions but harmonious partners. FRESH POST offers balanced, healthy, and fast-prepared alternatives to traditional fast food. Our brand's vision started in Lithuania and now resonates across borders - to redefine the culinary landscape globally.

Fresh Post's menu, packaging, and bar interior cater to busy customers who prefer quick, fresh, balanced, and healthy meals for in-house dining, take-out, or delivery straight to their workplace.

Ionized water is used to process vegetables and fruits, resulting in better washing. Green cocktails mixed with ionized water are more nutritious and have a unique taste.

Our salads and fruit cocktails provide a healthy and convenient solution to urbanites' busy lifestyles, ensuring a balanced diet and daily dose of essential vitamins and minerals no matter where you are.

Join us on this journey as we continue to pioneer a global culture of healthy fast food. Because when it comes to your well-being, the possibilities are limitless, just like our commitment to delivering the best in every bite, sip, and experience.

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