Heavenly Desserts

Do you ever dream about running your own business, join the Heavenly Desserts Family?
So many of us do, but many never take that leap of faith. Heavenly Desserts can make that dream come true. Your café would typically be within a sociable, friendly and warm environment with elegant and inspiring surroundings.

We will make this a great, once in a lifetime experience for you, with our deeply held beliefs in ethical, transparent and successful trading. We will support you from first enquiry through all aspects of becoming a franchisee, right the way to opening your doors, you will not be alone.

Once your café is opened, Heavenly Desserts will be there with modern and contemporary marketing- year round; a modern and well-crafted I.T. system, complete supply chain, admin support and supportive store visits made by our experienced operations team and more besides.

Our belief in franchising is thus, `both sides win`. That is the only sustainable model we believe in and deliver.

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