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Helen Doron Education

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Helen Doron Education

Our Vision is to give children of all ages the best education so they will have a life of freedom and joy. This is done through special teaching methodologies and fantastic educational content that expands the children’s abilities. This provides a platform for reaching the fullest mental, physical and emotional potential in life.

After 40 years of developing cutting-edge educational experiences in 40 countries, Helen Doron Education has finally landed in the UK! Offering our unique methodology and learning content with Spanish as a Foreign Language, Mathematics, English as a Second Language, Literacy, Drama and Early Child Development classes for children from birth until 12 years, Helen Doron’s out-front teaching methods help children pass their exams AND give them real-world skills in a safe, fun and musical environment. Encouraging emotional expression, self-awareness, and holistic development, Helen Doron has spent her life trailblazing and perfecting the world’s most innovative teaching method. The diverse programmes are backed by research and cater to different learning styles, building self-confidence and leadership skills.

Helen Doron Education offers stress-free education with exclusive materials and methods designed by child development and education experts. Our 5,000+ qualified teachers provide quality education, resulting in dynamic and creative graduates with solid self-esteem, excellent debating skills, and genuine environmental concern. We are successfully franchised in 1,200 locations across 40 countries and are growing yearly.

Our franchisees, some of whom have been with us for 25 years or more, are dedicated to enriching their communities and are passionate about children’s education. 

Helen Doron Education is part of the Helen Doron Educational Group. Franchise with Helen Doron to become part of a supportive and collaborative global community, enjoy expert guidance and support on all levels, have the backing of a successful brand, and receive the necessary support for business success.

Be the first of many to join our growing global community
to deliver educational excellence in the UK!


Helen Doron Effective Learning Ltd
United Kingdom
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  • Helen Doron Education

    21 Feb 2024
    A Paradigm Shift in Education Helen Doron’s unique methodology provides joyful, premium education to raise happy children and empower them to fulfil their full potential.


  • “To provide educational excellence, enjoyment, and creativity through unique methodologies, materials, and technologies, benefitting children everywhere.”
  • 😍 Listen to our Founder and CEO talk about finally bringing her fantastic programmes to her home country! Helen Doron Eduction programmes are now available to UK enterprises. Both programs use a prov ...
  • The gift of learning since 1985! The Helen Doron Educational Group represents an outstanding educational franchise business opportunity for qualified entrepreneurs and prospective franchise partners.
  • 35 Years Anthem | Educationl Franchise | Helen Doron
  • Our “secrets” include both the franchisees’ and the franchisors’ points of view. 
  • Helen Doron Spanish: Multilingualism and Children | Brain Power and Valuable Benefits. Helen Doron teaches Spanish as a second language to children, from babies to teens. 
  • In today’s dynamic environment, now, more than ever, is the ideal time to become a franchisee with the right franchise, as you are joining a successful, longstanding business.
  • Building Strong Mathematical Foundations for ages 4-11 MathRiders uses hands-on learning in which real-life experiences turn into mathematical concepts. 
  • For the Love of Maths! MathRiders Junior students and teachers share what they like best about MathRiders, how it's different and why they love the methodology.
  • Children are Born Mathematicians! For ages 2-4
  • MathRiders: For the Love of Maths
  • Helen Doron MathRiders is based upon a proven, successful methodology that understands children’s different learning styles and opens their minds to the language of maths. 


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