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Ísey Skyr Bar

Ísey Skyr Bar

Ísey Skyr Bar was created to fill the gap in the market for concepts that are healthy, tasty and fast all at the same time. 

Ísey Skyr Bar sells protein-rich, fat-free Smoothies, Juices, Skyr Bowls, Shots, Wraps, Coffees and Treats that sell throughout the whole day. It is an authentic Icelandic experience with inspiring, wholesome superfood – based on the original Icelandic skyr currently booming around the world


The story of skyr began 66 degrees north and 1,100 years ago, during the Viking ages with the first Icelandic settlers. Icelandic women made protein-rich skyr to maintain the health of their families in harsh, weather beaten conditions. The unique skyr recipe was passed from mother to daughter through generations. The original Icelandic skyr cultures and the same original recipe are still used today to make the creamy, protein-rich and fat-free Ísey Skyr.

The Ísey Skyr Bar menu is created by Icelandic Michelin chef Agnar Sverrisson or Aggi as he is known. Aggi’s fondness of the experimental and modern cuisine is reflected in the recipes he developed for Ísey Skyr Bar.

Capitalizing on current on-the-go and health trends, our convenience skyr bar gives people the opportunity to have a taste of the Icelandic healthy way of life. 


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