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Leak Detective

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Leak Detective

Are you interested in earning up to £100k a year finding water leaks the smart way?

The Leak Detective is a proven high-profit, low-risk business model founded and currently operating successfully in Scotland. The water leak detection sector is growing nationally at a pace that cannot be met by the existing industry. Currently this specialist niche sector offers no industry training or apprenticeships. We are looking for ambitious entrepreneurial partners to offer the training, skills, and equipment to take advantage of this very profitable opportunity.

Why Choose our Franchise Business

  • Low-Cost Initial Investment Opportunity: Investing in a Leak Detective franchise is a low-cost opportunity with high profits and a rapid ROI. Daily rates from £720 plus VAT are currently being achieved.
  • High Demand: The provision of skilled engineers in the UK is patchy at best, we receive daily calls and emails from customers around the UK looking for leak detection services. This industry is sustainable, and the demand will always be there for decades to come.
  • Comprehensive Training and Support: When you invest in a Leak Detective franchise, you'll receive all the necessary training and support to develop your own business in this interesting and challenging sector.
  • Established Brand Recognition: The Leak Detective franchise is an established brand with a proven track record. When you invest in a franchise, you're buying into an established brand with a proven business model. This can help you attract customers and build your business more quickly than if you were starting from scratch.
  • Growing Market: The demand for skilled leak detection is growing fast, there are many factors driving this trend, including insurance policy cover for ‘Trace & Access,’ and environmental change. Water companies now have demanding Government targets to cut leakage and have statutory powers to force property owners to act if large leakage is detected. Someone has to find this leakage - it might as well be you.


How Do We Support Our Franchisee Partners?

  • We offer ongoing marketing support and lead generation.
  • Customer service support.
  • Access to our existing insurance claim network providers.
  • Ongoing training and equipment development.
  • Bespoke CRM software package with tablet-based report writing templates.


Franchise Investment Package

  • Franchise Fee - £15,995 
  • Equipment - Starter package of £6,000
  • A mid-size van is required
  • Additional start up costs of £1,400 - this may vary

*(all subject to VAT)

We can assist with financial support and lease options for equipment through our 3rd party finance partners.

Who Are We Looking For?

You should be business minded, ambitious and willing to learn new skills. Leak detection requires problem solving and a methodical logical mind set. You should be able to clearly communicate to customers and write clear, concise reports (we will help you with this). You should be willing to invest in your training and commit to ongoing education and equipment. You must have a strong technical mindset – plumbing or related trade qualifications and experience is a distinct advantage. This will also appeal to existing property repair businesses as a bolt-on service. Leak detection is a great lead generator providing significant follow-on revenue in property repairs.

Detecting a Great Opportunity?

Investing in a Leak Detective franchise is a smart choice for entrepreneurs who want to start a business with a proven model and established brand recognition. The skills, training, and equipment required in this industry will be a barrier to entry for many people. This is a good thing; it means less competition. We are looking for people willing to invest in themselves for a profitable long-term future.

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