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1 & 2 OCT 2021


Little Land Play Gym Franchise

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We`ve all been to an indoor playground and jumped in a bounce house. It was a ton of fun, right? But what else is gained beyond a good time and expending energy? Did it help with developmental skills?

Little Land is a place that has all of the fun built in, but also has a deeper benefit that is unique and important for ALL kids.

Playing is how kids learn. At Little Land, play is unstructured, yet developmentally appropriate to help children reach their full potential. When parents see that play has a purpose, it`s those results that makes the Little Land concept a success for the children and the business.

The Little Land concept is unlike any other in the children`s entertainment industry. All proprietary play equipment, classes, and activities at Little Land are designed by pediatric therapists to enhance physical, sensory, and social development while being fun.

While many pieces of our equipment are standard at each Little Land, a franchisee may add other items based on space, layout, and community needs. We strive to make each Little Land unique to highlight the community it serves.

We`re looking for people who are passionate about growing a business, creating jobs, and making a positive impact on their community. We constantly work to
reduce costs and introduce programs to drive growth and profitability.

When you become a Little Land owner, you aren`t just starting a business, you`re joining a family of likeminded leaders, community members, and people working together to change the lives of children around the globe.

Children are encouraged to explore and experience everything Little Land has to offer. Our environment is unstructured and designed to foster fun for the whole family.

A child`s development is not something left to chance. That`s why at Little Land, we play with a purpose. Equipment is designed by pediatric therapists to be fun and help children reach specific developmental milestones.


Fine Motor Skills:
Fine motor skills are essential for daily tasks, such as dressing, eating, and writing. These skills require the coordination of our brain and small muscles in our hands. Children need the ability to perform basic fine motor skills by the time they enter school.

Speech and Language Skills:
Speech and language skills are imperative for more than communication. Any developmental delays with these skills can affect breath control, swallowing, and a child`s self-confidence.

Sensory Processing:
Sensory processing interprets sight, hearing, smell, touch, and taste and translates them into responses. The ability to interpret senses is important for personal safety and well-being, such as understanding pain, hearing an alarm, or smelling a fire and knowing what to do.

Gross Motor Skills:
Gross motor skills require large muscles for everyday movements such as balance, sitting, and walking. The most crucial development stage for these skills is in the first two years of a child`s life.

Social Development
Social development is critical for interactions with others and regulating behavior. It makes a difference for a child`s future as a teen and adult. Engaging with their peers at Little Land enhances these skills.

Emotional Development
Emotional development is recognizing, interpreting, and managing feelings. Children can learn to manage emotions by thinking about goals, motives, and outcomes to determine if their behavioral response is appropriate.

At Little Land, we're preparing young minds for a big world!

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