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1 & 2 OCT 2021



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Franchising in the home remodeling industry, from refinishing kitchen countertops, patching bathtub holes and perforations, to adding new cement foundation to the floor of bathtubs to help support them better, we`ve done it all for our customers.

Being your own boss is a strong desire in many people; however, owning and operating a successful business can be an incredibly daunting enterprise. NuFinishPro is a perfect solution for individuals possessing an entrepreneurial drive and the desire to partner with a successful franchise. Our surface refinishing franchises boast several strong attributes that make us an excellent choice for small business ownership.

Partnering with NuFinishPro allows you to align your financial goals with your future, your career, and your work/life balance. We have a proven business model to franchise growth and profitability that we combine with unlimited training and support from our home office. At NuFinishPro, we are in the business of success.

NuFinishPro provides potentially reliable income with a structured business plan. Our easy-to-follow model for growth is designed to help you succeed. The advantages that accompany your NuFinishPro franchise include:

Territory Exclusivity: Our territories are large and exclusive. We guarantee no overlap in territories because we won`t sell another franchise in your area. Territory exclusivity means you`re the only NuFinishPro in the area.

Fast Break-Even Point: NuFinishPro has a low buy-in cost and low overhead, so your break-even point should occur quickly.

Successful Marketing Campaign: As part of your franchise buy-in, we include an SEO package, Google Ads and social media marketing. Our marketing strategy covers several platforms while providing you the option to build-out, highlight or change focus to where you feel you can pull the best customer base.

Unlimited Training and Support: Our home office is available whenever you need them. The NuFinishPro process is clear and concise. However, we know questions arise and concerns set in. When you need to reach out, the home office support team is ready to help.

Tel: 858-353-0563

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