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With the help of technology, continuous training and research and development, we take ownership of innovations, recalling a made in Italy hard to find today.
A perspective consistent with the past but also with the future.
Mature and stratified.
With a sense of responsibility and linearity towards people and markets, Orlandi Passion® does not suggest how to be happy, but works with humility, competence and passion, in order to create the objective conditions for living well, hence our motto: Happy Lifestyle ®.
We care about the pursuit of wellbeing in the economy of happiness, where the credibility, the sincerity and the emotion for the experience of using products and services helps us to gain, every day, the trust of our customers.

We are not interested in just selling .
We are interested in the wellbeing and happiness of the people who spend their money to be comfortable in consumption and to enjoy a useful sensory experience.

This is the philosophy that inspires the creations of our Private Gourmet Collection® line.

Not just products, but a real experiential journey of adventure and discovery in the world of coffee, chocolate, pastry and gelato.


All our products are made with dedicated processes in full respect of the times of man.
High training, continuous and constant, and exclusive processing techniques are essential to make the difference for you.

We spend a lot of time choosing the best raw material because the attention to detail is fundamental for ensuring an excellent product, elegant and balanced in flavors.

Give yourself an experience: start a deep sensory journey full of flavors by exploring our Private Gourmet Collection® line
Orlandi Passion®: Happy Lifestyle ®

Why Happy Lifestyle?
People are tired of receiving only novelty disguised as presumed quality and paying for superficial status symbol.
The consumer must be rethought as a person in possession of his own ego, and therefore always treated as rational, but above all emotionally intelligent.
This individual-client is aware of the choices that lead to the purchase of food and does so to achieve a state of personal well-being, given the happiness of balanced and thoughtful consumption.

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