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About Us

Pacifica is one of the largest professional appliance repair companies in the UK. With more than 250 domestic appliance engineers operating across the country Pacifica repairs more than 350,000 home appliances every year. We’ve grown our service through a reputation for excellent customer service, understanding what customers need and making sure that we consistently fulfil their requirements.

Pacifica Local is a Franchise opportunity to run your own appliance repair business but with the backing of the UKs largest appliance repair company. We want to provide you with an opportunity to grow your own business and establish yourself as a family run appliance firm giving the neighbouring population a repair service that delivers the quality and services expected by a large organisation. Being “Powered by Pacifica” gives you the credibility and the infrastructure to grow with an industry leading company.

Market research tells us that consumers prefer local businesses and they want to engage with a trusted fully accredited Engineer. Pacifica Local benefits from the regent introduction of the right to repair legislation which aims to make it easier for consumers to repair their appliances rather than replace them. This is leading to a surge in demand for appliance repair services as more people choose to repair their products instead of buying new ones. Pacifica local businesses have the opportunity to repair a wider range of appliances and cater to a broader customer base, increasing Franchisee revenue streams. As a Pacifica local business extending the lifespan of appliances through repairs rather than replacements aligns with sustainability goals. Not only will you build a profitable business but you are also contributing to environmental conservation by promoting repair services and helping consumers make informed decisions about their appliances' lifecycle.


All our Franchisees receive prestigious recognition from City & Guilds via our appliance repair training program. You will go through a comprehensive theory and practical training at our state-of-the-art training facility. This will prepare you to go into your local market from day one with the ability to repair washing machines, washer dryers and tumble dryers. This initial training programme will take two weeks to completeSupport and training play a crucial part in your journey with us and we help you from the very beginning of your franchising journey. We will offer you support in the field via our buddy system. One of supported by our Senior Appliance Engineers. This will ensure you have the confidence and experience you need to go into your own area and earn right away.

Once you have established yourself as a white goods engineer your Franchise Business Development Manager will help you develop your skills and show you insider secrets on how to grow your customer base.  We will arrange further courses over the next few months upskilling you to repairing cookers, dishwashers and refrigeration. What this allows you to do is create income and revenue for your business from the very start of your journey. It is only disrupted by the extra training courses every couple of months but is a must for your development. Once you have all the skills to be a fully-fledged White Goods Engineer you are able to offer a variety of repair services from repairing, appliance replacements and selling your very own service agreements. You are truly able to offer a local service you can be proud of.

Generating Revenue for your business

From your first day of trading, we will supply you with work which we receive from our major clients, manufacturers, insurance companies and retailers. To keep your cash flow healthy and supporting your business growth we will pay you for this work on a weekly basis.

You will have a trade platform which we will help you develop along with a business website optimised with local SEO to help generate your own work. This is where the Franchise Local really comes into its own. You will be able to set a price point specific to your local economy. The Pacifica work should be used to supplement the work that you will go out and source either through frontline sales or organic leads through your various online platforms. We will help you put out a structured market plan using tried and tested methods to be able to generate work and attract more customers to your business.

Fully skilled Appliance Engineers can expect to turnover £100K per annum. The Pacifica Local Franchise also offers you the ability to add more engineers to your business and build towards having your very own Pacifica Local store.

With our scalable recession proof business model and the various avenues, you have at your disposal to earn, Pacifica Local truly is a unique business where your earning potential is uncapped. The Sky is the limit! 


The Package: What’s included in the Franchise?

  • A comprehensive training programme prepares you to deliver a highly skilled white goods appliance service. City & Guilds assured certification.
  • A local none exclusive geographic area: supported with a well-structured and comprehensive internet marketing campaign
  • A professional website and email for your business with your own business name.
  • Pacifica Technology with your own business software and our tech support.
  • Discounted rate for a Premium trade account which is exclusive to Pacifica Local.
  • Various supplier discounts and improved terms based on Pacifica industry position and buying power.
  • The licence to use the Pacifica branding, logo, telephone numbers and proven marketing systems.
  • Training in sales & marketing, administration, and accounts to help you build your business.
  • Professional Photos for your business and all your social media and trade platforms.
  • A complete, tried and tested launch program into your local area with press release.
  • Personal uniforms, operating manuals, job sheets, downloadable resources and help with setting up trade/supplier accounts with discounted rates.
  • Signage on your van with your business name and our logo “powered by Pacifica”
  • A full set of quality tools & specialised white goods equipment covering you for Washers, Dryers, Dishwashers, Fridge Freezers, Cookers and Microwaves.
  • Providing you our own Pacifica work from our clients when available to help your business. This is paid weekly helping your business cash flow.
  • Selling your very own appliance service agreements to your customers which generates commission for your business for the lifetime of the contract.
  • Ability to offer appliance exchanges.


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