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1 & 2 OCT 2021


People Impact Consulting (UK) LTD

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Intelligence + Character, that's the goal of true Education Business $

People Impact is a multi-national educational group focusing upon research and development of brain intelligence enhancement (Soft-skills training such as IQ, EQ, AQ) since 2002, with worldwide 40 training centers in 10 countries throughout U.S.A., Hong Kong, UK, Singapore, Korea, China, Australia, U.A.E., Myanmar, the Philippines and Cambodia. Our 260 online edutainment games and 4 centre programs for individuals aged 7 months to 18 years old, including Baby Impact®, Leader Impact®, Brain Impact® and Think Impact®, have been proven with scientific effectiveness by publishing various academic journal papers internationally, each fully supported by unique, professional psychometric measurement and counselling services.

In designing our unique curriculum catering to the distinct needs of our International students, People Impact has invested over GBP 5 million in research and development for a decade. Leading professors from Harvard University, MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology), Michigan University, Washington University and the University of Hong Kong were invited to invent and develop our methodology and programs. These scholars worked collectively with a team of educators from both Western and Oriental cultures to develop the core of all People Impact programs. We believe that scientifically proven education can make a tremendous difference to our children and future.

Our brands have been well recognized continuously by various professional associations by presenting meaningful awards in various regions.

2014 - `Franchise Star CHINA 2014`
2011 - `International Franchisor of The Year 2011` by Franchising and Licensing Association, SINGAPORE
2010 - `The Best Performance Company Award 2010 (Education & Training)` by South China Media, HONG KONG
2009 - `The Best Business Prospect Award` by Economic Digest, HONG KONG
2008 - `The Best Digital Entertainment Award` by HONG KONG ICT
- `The Best Digital Edutainment Award` by HONG KONG ICT

Our founder and CEO, Charles WONG, has started from scratch 18 years ago to run his 1st People Impact learning centre of 1,700 sq. ft. by investing GPB150,000 to grow several hundred times to a multimillions pound value of company by submission of 5A listing application to Hong Kong Stock Exchange in 2019 successfully. He was received `An Entrepreneur Award 2013` by South China Media and also published a top selling parental book of `When Thomas Edison met Bill Gates` for introducing rationale of People Impact `4+1` methodology and `Can-Do` attitude of being a founder!

He shall be a key-note speaker for coming International Franchise Show London for sharing the following topic and check it out and meet with him face-to-face for further exploring business opportunities.

Topic: `Intelligence + Character` child education programme = Hugh investment opportunities in the 21st century

Description: Intelligence is an evolution full of business opportunities for individual who is keen to go for financial freedom, fruitful and meaningful new life! Especially in the 21st century, choosing a right platform with solid experience of franchisor for growing your own business rapidly is critical to make or break your career.

Let`s sharing the following education franchise secrets for your strategic move in 2020!
Key Content:
- Review international education market
- Core values of being a Franchisor
- Are you ready to be a franchisee
- Sustainable business & financial models
- Your exit plan

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