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RestorFX's Paintless Clearcoat Repair is a professional restoration system that permanently brings the surface of a vehicle back to the durability and luster of its original paint finish. Unlike traditional products, this Paintless Clearcoat Repair (PCR) technology does more than cover up scratches. Through a polymimetic surface regeneration process, RestorFX permanently removes 99% of scuffs, fading, weathering, swirls and more by mimicking, replicating and restoring the original paint finish.

RestorFX is a professional system that permanently restores automotive paint finishes through a disruptive technology with an accessible and complete business platform to build a legacy on.

RestorFX is not an auto body shop or a detailing shop; but a radical, new kind of restoration right in the middle—with an unsaturated market under the reconditioning or SMART Repair industry (Small- and Medium-Area Repair Technique). It’s an automotive experience that completely shatters traditional time-consuming methods. RestorFX adds value to a wide array of audiences—from car dealerships to fleet and commercial accounts; from car enthusiasts to used vehicle owners; or to anyone simply wanting or needing to undo the damage caused by years of washing, oxidation or wear and tear.

RestorFX has streamlined the business of an unbelievable restoration technology, which allows you to focus on core services that are highly profitable and without competition to drive immense value to retail and wholesale markets in your area. This system gives you a simple, focused business model to provide professional services that the industry did not even know was possible.

From operations and marketing experience to a robust online platform of manuals and resources; from a global logistical infrastructure to strategic guidance in finding Center locations; from assistance with financial tools and setup to a dedicated Center advisor; and a strong brand recognition in over 45 countries—we are a pit crew that will always have your back.

Since the turn of the new millenium, RestorFX has become a beloved brand with a devoted family of RestorFX Centers and Global Partners in over 45 countries around the world and counting.

What started as a passion for renewed paint and a better finish has since become a culture and lifestyle entirely its own.

We at RestorFX love every aspect of the automobile and anything else with a steel heart and stable of horses, that we can’t help but always want them looking and shining their best. This same passion fires us up to pursue life with the fullest of meaning.



Unit 6 Sycamore Centre
Eastwood Trading Estate
Sycamore Road
South Yorkshire
S65 1EN
United Kingdom
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