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RETRA Fitness

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RETRA Fitness

RETRA is a diverse functional fitness concept, offering screen-based technology, Trainer guided, 30-minute High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) workouts - starting every three minutes. We have no class times, our membership is affordable and accessible to all. The programming changes every day, ensuring members experience exercise variety - keeping them motivated and returning for more. We are continually adding to our over 1,000 screen-based exercise library - expanding the fitness offering even further.

Our concept is the result of many years of Research & Development endorsed by Sports Science. We launched our first boutique studio in early 2020 - we are actively recruiting inspirational Franchisees, as we roll out our studios.

RETRA has been developed to suit the needs of the widest range of individuals, making it fast, effective, affordable and fun. The workout is perfect for those with busy lifestyles, hectic schedules and limited time, who need fast results and struggle to find enough time for their wellbeing. RETRA members are from a very wide demographic - working professionals, businesspeople, students, mums, dads and just about everyone else in between!

As a RETRA Franchisee you will receive a high level of support and a hands-on approach from our Head Office Team, who have opened and operated more than 25 fitness studios. Our team have supported many Franchisees and they know what it takes to make a RETRA studio a success.

Due to our efficient space requirements, we offer low start-up costs, low operational costs, a fast return on investment, with high margins and high growth.

You will need an investment of between £60,000 and £350,000 to open your own RETRA studio. We look forward to sharing different studio options with you and the opportunities that both models offer, when opening your RETRA studio.

Please get in touch or find us on stand 626 for further information.

Jordan Bishop


14 Hermitage Street
W2 1BH
United Kingdom
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  • Our functional strength station! Barbells are a common feature on station 5 as our Trainers coach technical, strength based movements.
  • The sled track! A true test of strength and endurance. This station is designed to push you to your limit in a 60 second timeframe.
  • One of the greatest pieces of cardiovascular machines out there, the assault bike. A test of full body endurance.


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