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Runo Franchising

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Runo Franchising

Runo is a multi-faceted franchising company based in UK and ready to explore international horizons. Our core values include innovation, ethics, strategic and forward thinking as well as flexibility which makes us a unique service provider. These values are prominently reflected in the services we provide to our clients and we believe in serving them through our vast vault of knowledge and experience.

Runo was started in 2019 by a group of like-minded business associates who shared a common vision and mission and who all subscribe to a similar value set. The goal is to provide innovative, strategic end to end specialist franchise consulting services that align with client goals. Runo emerged as a multi-faceted service provider having the following core services :

• Consultancy

• Recruitment 

• Training 

As ethics are very important to us, we are strategically aligned with the Quality Franchise Association in the UK (QFA), where we are service provider members as well as having two of our directors, sitting on the board at the QFA. Moreover, Runo is a country associate of The World Franchise Associates (WFA), representing their interests in the United Kingdom. This association positions us favourably to assist international franchisors wanting to enter the UK franchise market. Simultaneously, we also assist UK franchisors looking to expand their networks internationally and this is what sets us apart.

Our goal is to be of service to clients who are wanting to buy a franchise, franchisors who are wanting to recruit franchisees, and business owners who are wanting to expand and replicate their businesses. In addition, we offer small business and franchise training programs for franchisees, franchisors and professionals working within the franchise sector.

We are a team of skilled, experienced professionals who thrive on creating innovative solutions for forward thinking people with big dreams. At Runo it’s all about the client and it is therefore crucial that we gain a detailed understanding of the client’s current situation and their goals. Hence, we listen to the clients, understand their needs, identify relevant opportunities and provide tailored solutions.

Runo believes in helping its clients step by step and empowering the franchising industry in a way never experienced before!


Northgate Business Centre
38-40 North Gate
NG24 1EZ
United Kingdom
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