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Shocal is a 360 Lifestyle Super-App for independent businesses and local communities. Shocal’s ultimate vision is to be the ‘home of all things local’. We are continually evolving our platform and product offering with future plans to create Local Buy-and Sell forums; subscription services; community messaging platforms, job websites, charity donation fundraising functionality; booking services and joint retailer offers to name a few.

In short; Shocal empowers independent retailers, local tradespeople and small businesses to complete with the ‘’big boys’’ by offering them a full-service shopping, order management, delivery, sales, marketing, e-ticketing and customer service platform.

Grocers, conveniences stores, restraunters, take-aways, football clubs, comedy venues, charity and music events, Garden centres, Hairdressers, Cleaners and tradespeople are just some of the businesses who currently use Shocal to:

  • Deliver their products and services (such as Order Delivery, E-Ticketing and Appointment booking solutions)
  • Acquire new customers
  • Launch new products
  • Execute marketing, sales and promotional activities
  • Cross & upsell to customers

Shocal boast 10’000’s of customers who use the platform each day in order to spend local.

We are continually evolving our platform and product offering with future plans to create Local Buy-and Sell forums; subscription services; community messaging platforms, fin-tech tools, job websites, charity donation fundraising function; booking services, bundled delivery packages, joint retailer offers and gift vouchers to name a few.

Our values and ethos are driven by our passion to serve and support local communities in an ethical and eco-conscious manner; and enable local business to compete with the ‘big-boys’ in doing so!

Shocal, believe we have created a unique Franchise model to address the proven demand from local, independent businesses to compete against the ‘’big boys’’; whilst also tapping into increasing consumer desire to spend well, spend ethically and spend in a way that contributes to their local community.


The Franchise Opportunity


Shocal is a low investment, turn-key, scalable franchise that taps into an established and increasing demand.

We provide franchisees with the following:

  • Franchise Network support ( full service )
  • Systems and process training ( set up and ongoing )
  • Tech support ( online and live helpdesk)
  • Finance and billing support (real-time)
  • Business development Training ( sales and onboarding )
  • Marketing support ( Branding toolkit and know how )

Estimated Earnings


Estimated Earnings Year 1

  • Turnover: £200k
  • Net: £20k

Estimated Earnings Year 2

  • Turnover: £400k
  • Net: £40k

Estimated Earnings Year 3

  • Turnover: £600k
  • Net: £60k


Training and Support


Comprehensive Training is provided and underpinned by fully documented processes and procedures as well as ongoing support provided directly by Shocal; (enabling Franchisees to go from zero knowledge and experience to go live in a very short space of time).

Our online platform is custom built, wholly owned, hard to replicate which provides a real competitive advantage; whilst also being super user-friendly and easy to navigate.

The Shocal platform allows Franchisees complete transparency with the ability to track performance and reporting of revenue, orders, logistics and sales; real-time.


Reasons to Become a Franchisee


  • Shocal has strong branding and a compelling story which is readily supported by local consumers and businesses alike.
  • Retailers and business join because Shocal is less costly and more uniquely tailored to their needs than competitor platforms (with enhanced levels of support, value-add and sales & marketing capability).
  • Consumers join because Our Brand ethos resonates well with them; allowing them to use their purchase power to support local businesses; (as long as cost and convenience hygiene factors are not compromised).
  • The diversity of businesses on the platform encourages higher level of consumer engagement; customer ‘stickiness’ and frequency of app usage.

Existing Shocal business customers tell us:

  • Shocal are up to 50% less costly than our competitors – resulting in greater profit for them
  • Shocal give them more attention and support than other platforms.
  • Our levels of consumer care & live chat mean their customers experience a better service
  • (As evidenced by 100% order fulfilment rate and < 1% complaint rate – significantly better than our competitors).
  • Businesses are able to push promotional messaging, new product launches and special offers via the Shocal App in order to acquire and cross sell to consumers in a way they cannot with other platforms.
  • Businesses are able to control how they use the App and interact with customers in a better and more responsive way.

The triple advantage of cost attractiveness, retailer & customer support and sales & marketing capability mean the Shocal App represents a compelling model for independent businesses and retailers; as well as a compelling sell for Franchisees!


Franchisee Requirements


Franchisees should be energetic, self-motivated individuals with the tenacity to on-board local businesses to the Shocal App; as well as demonstrating a real commitment to delivering great customer service.

As long as you are passionate about supporting independent businesses in your local area; Shocal can provide the rest of the expertise required in order to ensure Franchise success! (Including - but not limited to - full training, branding, ongoing support, processes and technology).

Ideally you will be geographically based in the area you set up your Shocal Franchise - as we find best results come from Franchisees who are invested in and familiar with the unique dynamics of their local community.

Although not a pre-requisite; the ability to drive is seriously advantageous - especially for zipping around and onboarding local businesses; alongside managing the delivery element of the franchise.

Computer skills are always useful; although the Shocal portal and reporting platform (so you can track all your revenue, orders and deliveries real-time!) is super user friendly and easy to navigate – especially post training and with the safety net of on-going Franchise support.

Most important is for Franchisees to possess good communication and interpersonal skills; enabling you to sell the Shocal vision to local businesses in your area; and to manage ongoing operational elements of the Franchise itself.



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