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The Sleep Nanny

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The Sleep Nanny

The Sleep Nanny® is a globally successful and trusted sleep coaching brand supporting parents with the healthy development of little ones’ sleep without compromising on psychological or relationship development.

We advocate a holistic view to ensure the wellbeing of the whole family and recognise that no two little ones, sleep challenges or families are the same.

The Sleep Nanny® was born in 2013 and officially founded in 2014 by Lucy Shrimpton who is now an award winning sleep expert, author, speaker, positive psychology coach and business mentor.

Lucy has trained around 300 sleep consultants in 23 countries with a ripple effect of many thousands of lives transformed through healthy sleep.

When parents choose a Sleep Nanny® consultant, they know they are in expert hands with professional services that are not only proven to help little ones sleep better but also empower parents with more knowledge and confidence to maintain healthy sleep for the family.

The Sleep Nanny® is not just an authority in the sleep training industry. We offer a completely customisable solution to help parents with their little ones’ sleep BUT what we stand for is way bigger.

We are a force for health, happiness and vitality and this starts with sleep. Every parent with whom we can share the wisdom and empowerment for better sleep, can instill life- altering habits in their children and collectively we can raise a physically and mentally healthier generation.

Becoming a certified partner means you get to own your very own Sleep Nanny® consultancy business!

We have done all the hard work for you and invested multiple six figures over the past decade+ to refine the sleep consulting business that works.

You get to fast-forward and step straight into a globally trusted brand with a business-in-a-box that gives you immediate visibility and leverage.

You will own your own business, get to be your own boss and work when and where you choose and, being part of a franchise, you will never feel alone with a team and community to support you.

One voice alone in this big world needs to shout very loud just to get a tiny bit of attention but when you are part of something bigger, our collective voice becomes louder because we are stronger together!

Being a certified partner of The Sleep Nanny® means you are part of an established and robust organisation.



Lancaster Court
8 Branes Wallis Road
PO15 5TU
United Kingdom
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