Smoke's Poutinerie Inc.

Smoke`s Poutineire is the WORLD`S LARGEST and ORIGINAL POUTINERIE! Founded by Chief Entertainment Officer, Ryan Smolkin, the World`s Original & Largest Poutinerie takes the traditional Poutine of golden French fries, squeaky cheese curds and piping hot gravy, and adds fresh toppings to make over 30 varieties of Poutine meals. Beyond Poutine, the WEIRD, WILD +WACKY brand is known for its `80s Canadiana culture, signature lumberjack plaid, and glam rock music.
Smoke`s Poutinerie`s primary goal has always been to bring Canada`s National Iconic dish to the rest of the World in an original and unique way, and to ultimately achieve GLOBAL DOMINATION! Currently, Smoke`s Poutinerie has over 150 locations throughout the world. Smoke`s Poutinerie has a heavy focus on expanding internationally beyond North America, including into England, Europe, the Middle East, Australia, Asia, and Mexico.

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