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Soapbox Media are a collective of marketers, creators, innovators and new-age advertisers. Social Media is now the fastest growing and most effective form of advertising available to businesses around the world.

A Social Media presence is no longer a "nice to have", it's a need to have. Up until now social media campaigns and management were reserved for the big established brands. Soapbox now allows businesses of all shapes and sizes an opportunity to kill it online. Soapbox knew they had it cracked when they drove that much 'traffic' to a small local restaurant that they sold out of food and called us to stop!

In 2009, it would have been madness for a business to try and manage a series of billboard ads and tv commercials by themselves. Social media is now no different. SoapBox Media is home to far more than just a pull-no-punches team of wizards. We have developed a series of innovative technologies designed to learn, manage, develop, calculate and deliver. Our highly advanced in-house algorithms work tirelessly to guarantee your brand the growth and return on investment it needs. Social media allows businesses to engage with an audience at a scale far cheaper than any other form of advertising.

We are now expanding on a global scale with Soapy Social, acquiring new data and analytics to feed our data driven approach and enhance our clients` results.

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