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1 & 2 OCT 2021


The Franchising Centre

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Franchising Your Business?
Looking to develop your business into a franchise? The Franchising Centre lay out out all the necessary steps that must be taken, and then we do all the heavy, but often specialised, lifting for you.

Seeking Franchisees?
Want to automatically find your most serious franchise enquiries? Yes. Automatically. Ask us how our unique franchise lead handling application works to ensure you are able to recruit good quality franchisees cost effectively.

Expanding Internationally?
Have you got ambitions to grow across borders? We will take you through the complex process of taking your brand into other countries, and ensure you find the right investors in those markets.

Master Franchising?
Would you like to add a new concept to your portfolio? Or find high net worth investors to launch your brand in other countries? We will introduce you to master franchise opportunities to leverage your existing skills and resources as a franchisor. We will also find you capitalised investors to launch your brand internationally.

Recruiting Personnel?
Need senior executives or team managers? Our staff recruitment team find the people who fit the positions you need to fill, as well as any other support staff for your growing franchise network.

Specialist Franchise Training & Development?
Need to nurture talent within your organisation? We will work with your leadership team to develop personal and professional development programmes to ensure your people have the skills to grow and maintain a great franchise network.

Exit Strategies?
Wanting to sell? Or put a management team in place? Whether an existing or new client, we will be there in years to come to help you realise your long-term goals, whether that is selling the business, taking a step away from the day-to-day, or achieving any other aims and aspirations you may have.

We Are The Franchising Centre
At the forefront of franchising in the UK we have over 300 years of collective experience at helping companies take their first steps into franchising.

We can be with you throughout your journey, or at various points along the way as we always seek long term and successful relationships with our clients.

Tel: 07836 215782

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