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1 & 2 OCT 2021


UK Prosper Food Ltd T/A Siirgista Bros

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You know, you might think that our burgers take only minutes. Well, they do and they don`t. They arrive in minutes but in fact the secrets behind them have taken a lifetime. Many lifetimes in fact.

It`s a generational thing. The best recipes passed down from one family to another. From a time when life was slower, photographs were sepia and horsepower really did involve a horse.

We`re always thinking back to those artisans from another, grander time. We like to imagine them as a band of brothers striving, bringing their passion and accumulated culinary know-how together to create the most extrordinary gourmet burgers.

That`s where our inspiration came from and that`s why we`ve named our business after them.

Tel: 02085792022

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