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URBAN Fresh Burgers & Fries

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URBAN Fresh Burgers & Fries

Your burger, your way, every time.

INITIAL FEE - £20,000 + VAT

MIN. INVESTMENT - £200,000

ONGOING FEES – 5% ROYALTY + 1% CENTRAL MARKETING payable after 3 months of operating



Welcome to URBAN Fresh Burgers & Fries, a dynamic QSR concept that has taken South Yorkshire by storm since we first opened our doors in 2017. Founded by husband and wife duo, Mehmet and Zerin Kent, URBAN has grown from a single location into a flourishing multi-site business, boasting four thriving locations across Yorkshire.

Our recipe for success is simple: quality ingredients, ultimate customisability, top-tier service and a genuine passion for what we do. All these elements come together to create food that our customers love and keep coming back for.

URBAN is all about fresh, flavourful food. Our unique ‘build your own burger’ concept is simple to operate but gives customers 917,504 possible menu choices (yes, we’ve done the maths!). So, whether you’re up for trying something new or sticking to your tried-and-true favourites, there’s an option for everyone.

Customers can pair their perfect burger with a hand-spun shake plus unlimited mix-ins or get a free refill at our Coca-Cola Freestyle machine with over 100 flavour options.

Our customers make their entire meal just the way they like it, so it’s always guaranteed to be a winner.

  • Our menu only includes premium quality ingredients.
  • We cook to order to ensure maximum freshness and minimum waste.
  • We’ve centralised our supply chain to keep our quality consistent, drive cost efficiencies and simplify operations.
  • Our senior team possess years of experience in hospitality.

The URBAN franchise model allows both single and multiple site ownership and offers significant earning potential in the UK QSR sector, which is currently worth over £18.8bn. You can expect to see returns within 2-3 years of your initial investment.


We’re looking for passionate partners who share the same energy, values and beliefs as us to join our franchise family and carry the URBAN name. Our ideal franchise partners:

  • Love what they’ve seen about URBAN and share our values.
  • Are driven, ambitious and hungry for success, but will never compromise on their integrity, high standards, or people focus.
  • Can demonstrate they have solid business experience. (It’s a bonus if this is in the hospitality sector!)
  • Are great leaders with strong interpersonal skills, who have experience of building and managing successful teams.


Becoming an URBAN franchisee means taking a partnership approach. Your success is what drives us, and we’re in it together for the long haul as you embark on the journey to become your own Burger Master®. 

We'll give you everything you need to succeed through in-depth training and ongoing support. URBAN HQ’s role will be to manage our centralised supply chain and supplier accounts so you can focus on growing your new business. We’ll also handle all the national PR and marketing activity, including our website, app and socials, all whilst providing localised marketing support when you want it.

Following the support you get to source the best location and design/fit-out, and regardless of if you’re intending on opening a single URBAN restaurant or have big plans for a multi-unit operation, you’ll be required to attend a 5-day Brand Induction, where you’ll gain an insight into our operations, brand, and the partnership ahead.

All URBAN outlets operate with a management team, led by a General Manager (GM) and Deputy Manager (DM). Above and beyond just the core operations of how to run an URBAN restaurant, our 10-week training programme for GM and DMs includes business management, financial management and planning, and multi-site area management if required. The training will equip your key people with the knowledge, skills, and tools necessary to operate your new restaurant with confidence and ease.

New sites will be provided with a three-week training program to support pre and post opening training for the full team.

Once you’re up and running, you’ll receive ongoing support from a dedicated team and external provider partners. This will involve regular check-ins and site visits from the team at HQ, mystery shopping and auditing.

Your team, or Burger Masters as we fondly refer to them, should be immersed in the URBAN brand, values, policies and station training, to make sure quality remains high across the brand To help you achieve this, you will be provided with all our comprehensive training materials and are required to ensure their completion in order to maintain compliance and operational standards.

Our flexible model allows you to run your URBAN in a way that suits you.

As an Owner Investor, you’ll recruit a General Manager and Deputy Manager to run the day-to-day operations and manage the Burger Masters who are responsible for serving up the delicious food we’re known and loved for. Whilst you won’t be working operationally in the restaurant, you’ll need to stay close to the numbers.

If you are an Owner Operator, you’ll play a hands-on role, running the day-to-day operations of your store including managing your team and training and, driving site performance.

In both cases, you’ll receive regular communication and support from URBAN HQ. We’re with you every step of the way to make sure your new venture is a success.

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