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Capitalise from the phenomenal ecommerce & shipping industry growth, with a proven World Options franchise.

Take advantage of a proven franchise model, supplying the growing number of businesses with a one-stop logistics solu­tion for domestic, international and freight shipments. Provide users with the latest ecommerce and marketplace integrations using our industry leading portal, giving them access to the world’s leading carriers, such as UPS, DHL, FedEx, TNT, DHL Parcels and Hermes.

Our Unique Franchise Offering

An Industry Leading Portal

By having access to leading carriers such as UPS, DHL, FedEx, TNT, DHL Parcels and Hermes, you can enable users to choose carriers based on price, speed of transit or availability.

The portal provides users with a one-stop logistics solu­tion for domestic, international and freight shipments.

The portal offers you and your customers:

  • Instant access to various carriers, freight rates and service options to book, based on requirements.
  • A central CRM (Customer relationship Management) system, providing you with a database of your sales leads, prospects and customer activity to manage your pipeline.
  • Real-time tracking and POD’s (proof of delivery).
  • Access to important data such as margin reports, shipping volumes, invoice payments and our bespoke ticket system. 
  • API / connectors to pull / push order and shipping data, for an all-in-one portal solution.
  • Access to the dashboard for order, shipping and finan­cial reporting.

A Non-Exclusive Franchise

A non-exclusive franchise, also known as a non-geographic franchise, allows you to offer World Options products and services anywhere in the UK. There are no territorial or geographical re­strictions, regardless of where you are.

Why This Is Important

  1. This allows you to target any of the 6+ million businesses in the UK, without limiting you to just a fraction of these businesses to target in the marketplace. 
  2. Of these 6mil + businesses, our SME target mar­ket accounts for 99.9% of the business population.
  3. London (1.1 million) and the South East (932,000) had the most private sector businesses, accounting for 35% of the UK business population. 

It’s therefore a significant advantage that you can target businesses regardless of their location.

You can run the franchise from home and all you would need to get started is a desk, a chair, a computer, a telephone and the commitment to begin acquiring your customers.

Full Member of The British Franchise Association

Some of the benefits of choosing a proven BFA-approved franchise are that:

Franchises are only accepted as a member once they meet certain standards within its business, such as that it must be evidenced that the product or service being offered is marketable and profitable enough to support a franchised network.

As a BFA-approved franchisor we comply with the European Code of Ethics, demonstrating ethical principles across advertising, recruiting, selecting and interacting with franchisees. 

All data, statistics and figures that we present to you are legitimate and unambiguous,

meaning that you don’t need to be concerned about BFA member franchisors hiding crucial data or information regarding your investment.


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