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1 & 2 OCT 2021


Olandi Passion's Roots With Italy's Best Espresso Date Back To 1917

The Orlandi Passion World makes for an incredible Happy Lifestyle experience in Specialty Coffees, Espresso, Chocolates, Pastries and Gelato.

Our roots...

1917 Milan Italy.

Our founders great grandmother Margherita Cavallotti Orlandi opened one of Italy’s first ever espresso bars which was called “El Caferin”.

Orlandi Passion today is Italy’s best luxury retail expression of Specialty Coffees, Espresso, Chocolate, Pastry and Gelato.

Orlandi Passion was founded in 2015 on the Adriatic Coast of Italy in the Marche Region by Margherita’s great grandson, Mauro Cipolla, a worldwide accomplished coffee expert, international lecturer and author on specialty coffees and Italian traditional espresso coffees.

In 1985, Mauro, from Milan, brought the families coffee art and true artisan coffee craft of the real Italian coffees to Seattle.

In 2015  Mauro left Seattle to bring it all back to Italy with a new production center and with company owned Concept Stores Gourmet Ateliers model.

With a state-of-the-art artisan factory in Italy, Orlandi Passion produces the finest coffees that have won all the best tasting awards in Italy (Gambero Rosso; Top Food International; Merano Culinary Award; Best Specialty Coffee in Italy; and more) and was referred to as “The Artisan of Coffees” by the prestigious Corriere Della Sera and as “The Sommeliers of Specialty Coffees” by famous Journalist Sarina Biraghi.

Orlandi Passion has been chosen to be at fashion shows such as the White of Milan Fashion Week and with Stylist Vittorio Camaiani at his Atelier and  run away shows at the Excelsior Hotel in Rome and Palazzo Colonna Coffee House Tower in Rome.

Orlandi Passion has also been chosen at Gourmet Events or Gala dinners such as the fundsraising dinner in the company of the delicacies prepared by world class Chef as Massimo Bottura or at Special Gourmet Food events with three Star Michelin Chef Mauro Uliassi.

Orlandi Passion produces the finest Coffees, Belgian Chocolate and Pastry products, as well as Gelato, which speak of both Italian Tradition and of Innovation in the resulting unique flavors and presentation themes that make the experience at our Orlandi Passion Concept Stores  unique.

The Orlandi Passion World constitutes for a “Happy Lifestyle”.

Our goal is to make our Orlandi Passion Atelier Concept Stores and our Orlandi Private Gourmet Collection line of Specialty Coffee, Espresso, Fine Chocolates, Pastries and Gelato an Italian unique statement but also cosmopolitan and International in appeal and in diversification of experience.

Extreme care is placed in making our Orlandi Passion Private Gourmet Collection of Specialty Culinary Artisan products as healthy and environment conscious as possible.

Our stores are very sophisticated and delicate specialized Gourmet Ateliers.

They are sought after by the most passionate consumers and are always a treat to remember for in house consumption, gifts, and or special evening theme events.

The Orlandi Passion Coffee, Espresso, Chocolate and Pastry factory in Italy is a state of the art platform designed to support our prospective licensees, franchisees and Joint Venture Partners help us in our expansion plans worldwide and we are eager to bring their dreams and successes to life.

Happy Lifestyle