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1 & 2 OCT 2021


Sun, sea and franchising! With The Holiday Franchise Company.

Create your own branded, fully bonded, online travel agency with no experience necessary. The business has been created by travel professionals to open up this exciting industry to those with a passion for travel.

About us

We are owned by multi award-winning Holidaysplease who started a travel business on an investment of just £6K and have grown the business to a turnover in excess of £25m, so we know exactly what is needed to create and run a successful online travel agency.

With our model, our franchisees have the freedom of being able to create their own brand, and tailor their business to their vision based on their own travel experiences.

Whilst utilising the model, tools & technology of a proven business.


What differentiates us from the competition?

We put our franchisees at the heart of everything we do, that means being fair and ethical to all.

Our franchisees are supported by travel professionals, not only have our team have all worked in the industry for years, we also run our own multi award winning online travel agency Holidayplease. We started on a £6k investment and now turnover £25m so we know what it takes to make a successful online agency.


What are some of the advantages of being a Holiday Franchise Company franchisee?

We run our own multi award winning agency, which we have grown since 2002. We share all the learning from our journey with our franchisees, so they benefit from knowing what works and what doesn’t. 

From our own inhouse technology, marketing and head office support we are with them at every step.


What advice do you have for someone looking to acquire a franchise?

Ensure you understand what you want from your business and your franchisor.

Purchasing a franchise is a big decision, it’s not just buying a business, it’s entering a long-term partnership, so it is essential to take time and research the different franchise companies.

I would recommend spending time with the team who would be supporting you, to ensure you vision and values are aligned, and that you will enjoy working together.


How do you help a potential franchisee start their business?

The first step of a franchise coming onboard with us is to check the viability of the business and project the first year’s costs and cash flow. We want our franchisees to fully understand what their business can deliver for them and ensure it will give them a suitable income.

After the meeting we ask people to take time to reflect on the meeting and the projections, if they feel we are the right partner for them we will invite them to sign the full franchise agreement and then we start their onboarding process.

We have a checklist of steps needed by both parties which guides them through getting set up, we monitor progression with regular calls.

We have a core training programme of five days which cover the skills and knowledge to deliver exceptional service and maximise both their customers experience and their profits.

Once a franchisee is set up, we then move onto our business set up checklist, which takes them through the steps needed to be ready to trade and work efficiently and effectively.

Each franchisee has their own Business Development Manager who supports them with every aspect of their business. We are with them at every step of their journey.


Why would The Holiday Franchise Company be a fantastic opportunity for someone?

With our unique model, you have the freedom to create your own brand and tailor your business to your own travel experiences, with the benefit of the backing of a multi awarding online travel agency who were started on a £6K investment and now turns over in excess of £25m.

We know exactly what is takes to create a successful online travel agency.