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1 & 2 OCT 2021


International Japanese Ramen Restaurant Targets UK Investors!

Focus on RAKKAN Ramen

What exactly is RAKKAN Ramen?

In 2011, Rakkan Ramen began as a tiny, four seated ramen bar in Tokyo. In 2017, with our passion for the world to taste our authentic Japanese Ramen, we opened our first overseas location in Los Angeles, CA.
Rakkan Ramen is an authentic Japanese Ramen. Our broth, made with Dashi, is jam packed with flavor.
The Concept? Umami-packed ramen, Straight from Tokyo!
We take umami seriously.
Working with Dashi (a traditional Japanese soup stock, full of umami) magic, we slowly simmer the carefully chosen vegetables and kombu to extract the best flavour and lock in umami.
Take a slurp!
The marriage between our Oishii Japanese broth and silky slim noodles will help you discover the existence of another level of pleasure for your palate.

 Our Ramen is made with 100% plant-based broth, meaning we are totally suitable for vegans! 

What are some of the advantages of being a RAKKAN Ramen franchisee?

We don’t use any kinds of fatty, high-calorie soups like Tonkotsu (pork bone). Instead, our soups are made from high-quality vegetables, mushrooms, seaweed, as well as the addition of Rakkan’s very own fermented seasoning, furthering the flavour bomb experience of the soup. We will continue to strive to serve our customers the healthiest dishes and the tastiest Ramen experience.
Food and labour costs are kept low thanks to our simple, efficient business model. A bone-based broth usually takes more than 10 hours to make, but our broth only takes a little over 2 hours while keeping the ramen flavourful. The simplicity of this recipe helps maintain the quality and consistency of the ramen. Our model also helps you on space and rent by requiring only a 3m Hood duct instead of a 6m one which is standard in most ramen shops.

How do you help potential franchisees start a business with RAKKAN Ramen?
We provide initial training in California, equipped you with a master plan strategy to get you off to a flying start, provide you with the ingredients and recipes to conjure up our delicious cuisine, and structure an equipment and operations plan to usher you on the road to success.

Why should you open a RAKKAN Ramen?
Simple. Everyone should have the opportunity to taste such delicious, healthy Ramen, umami-packed, straight from Tokyo. Venture onto success with RAKKAN in the UK!