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1 & 2 OCT 2021


Do You Love Brownies!?


If so, you’ll love, LOVE Brownies! 😍 

Successful franchise brand Love Brownies is confirmed as an IFS20 exhibitor, and we couldn’t wait to announce it following their success at our 2019 Franchise Show. 


Image 1: Love Brownies Stirling with owners Mario and Connie Celiberti

“The show has been a great platform for us and has helped us gain insight into the franchise world. We’ve opened eight stores this year alone and already have more in the pipeline. We can’t wait to return and continue to build on our success”

Lee Teal (Managing Director)


Love Brownies was founded in 2009 by husband and wife team Lee and Chantal Teal. The aim was to create the world’s best chocolate brownie, which was achieved, confirmed by a list of prestigious awards. Our Double Chocolate is still the only brownie ever to be awarded the top honors of three gold stars in the Great Taste Awards. 


From modest beginnings as a home-based, online gifting company, Love Brownies has gone from strength to strength. It is now a well-established brand with a rapidly expanding franchise base. 


With So Many Brownie Companies Around, What Differentiates Love Brownies!?

The Brownies of course! They’re a world-class product, produced in a way that no-one else could try to match. From the way they are baked to the moorish consistency and taste that simply cannot be matched be a traditional tray-bake brownie. Couple this with a brand focused on providing exceptional customer service that time after time provides an experience, genuinely putting smiles on faces, and you have a winning formula.


Love Brownies isn’t a café or a shop, it’s an experience. From the products provided to the presentation, the environment and the way in which staff engage with customers - Love Brownies engenders customer loyalty. 


Image 2: Love Brownie Tower


What Benefits Are There To Becoming A Love Brownies Franchisee?

Being a Love Brownies franchisee means you become part of the Love Brownies family. It’s essential to find the right people to work with because this is crucial to the continued growth and success of the brand. 


With that in mind, once the right match has been confirmed, support is given to you every step of the way: business planning, venue search, shop-building, merchandising, training and launch. And it doesn’t stop there, helping you through those first few weeks as a new business can really ensure success and set you off on the right path. And once you’re up and running background support will always be present, from marketing to ongoing training and lots of other things in between!


Love Brownies Advice For Someone Looking To Acquire A Franchise?

It’s really important to do as much research as possible into the types of business you are interested in. Spend time with the people, take as much advice as possible from those who have done it before and make sure you crunch your numbers!


Image 3: Love Brownies Stirling Store Interior