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1 & 2 OCT 2021


A taste of Spain with international brand 100 MONTADITOS! 💃

Tell us about the 100 MONTADITOS concept?

About to celebrate its 20th anniversary in 2020, 100 Montaditos is a reference in the world of organised food service. In only a few years, the first brand of the Restalia Group has managed to expand throughout Spain and open franchises in Europe, the United States and Latin America. It is a globally recognised brand that has triumphed with a simple concept: quality at a smart cost price.  

Quality and variety based in Spanish products are our identity signs. The menu is composed of 100 different varieties of “Montaditos” made at the moment with high quality products typically Spanish and is completed with other products that make the dining experience at 100 Montaditos perfect. Highlighting the famous Spanish rations and tapas, drinks, mainly Spanish beer, sangria and red wine are the most representative drinks of 100 Montaditos and of course, different types of bread, all of them exclusive to 100 Montaditos.

What differentiates 100 MONTADITOS from the competition?

The key to the success of 100 Montaditos are the following characteristics that make it unique: 

  • Exclusive quality products 
  • Smart cost 
  • Best Locations 
  • A simple and dynamic format
  • The clients and franchisees
  • Strong brand that’s recognisable across the globe 

With a warm design inspired by Andalusian taverns, the brand has evolved over the years and currently presents an elegant and sophisticated atmosphere. 100 Montaditos is fun, casual and has an informal environment. The unique ordering system allows constant customer interaction in our restaurants, and makes the customer feel as though they could be in any Spanish city at that time. 100 Montaditos appeals to a wide range of consumers from young people, groups of friends, families and couples.

 What are some of the advantages in being a 100 MONTADITOS franchisee?

100 Montaditos is a brand of the Restalia Group, who are the leading multinational company in Neorestauración, creator of brands that create trends in those countries where we are present. The company adheres to the demand and needs of its customers, bringing our Spanish brand to Europe, the US and Latin America. Crafted innovation is in 100 Montaditos DNA with franchisees and customers always at the center of our company. The Neorestauración is a revolutionary concept in the sector that symbolises the organised restoration of the 21st century. The Neorestauración is based on these six key pillars that offer franchisees and investors a new business model: multi-brand, versatility in premises, low investment works, renting in franchises, smart cost products and trademark license for 10 years. 

How do you help a potential franchisor/franchisee start a business with 100 MONTADITOS?

Our franchisees are one of our main assets, therefore, all our actions are focused on maintaining and improving the profitability and solidity of your business, leaving at your disposal the best team of professionals. Constant advice, the ability to negotiate with suppliers, the support of the different departments of the company such as marketing and communication, expansion, innovation, purchases, etc. are other characteristics that make the investment safer. 

In your opinion why do you think that 100 MONTADITOS would be a fantastic opportunity for someone?

100 Montaditos, a revolutionary concept, simple, easy to operate, with very Spanish ingredients and a great variety, as well as a fun way to place orders. A combination that has proved to be a complete success. The well-known franchise website Franchise Direct, places 100 Montaditos as the best Spanish restaurant franchise worldwide and it's one of the 3 most profitable franchises in Europe. The brand will turn 20 next year since its launch in Andalucía. The story began in 2000, in a small shop in Andalusia and has conquered the market, both consumers (love brand) and investors (driver concept). Currently, more than 100 million Montaditos are sold per year and it has become an internationally recognized brand love. 100 Montaditos is a brand from Grupo Restalia with presence in 12 countries and 800 restoration units worldwide.


Visit 100 Montaditos on stand #112 (April 3 & 4, 2020 at London ExCeL) 💃