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1 & 2 OCT 2021


DeBaere Offers A Delicious Range of Vegan Treats

Enjoy mouth-watering treats from DeBaere's extensive vegan range! Whether you are full-time vegan, you've taken part in Veganuary, or would just like to try a tasty vegan treat, DeBaere has something that everyone will like.

Explore the full exciting vegan range here, with comforting and exciting flavours, from chocolate puddings to lavender muffins and the very popular vegan croissant.


carrot cake

Carrot Loaf

This cake is absolutely scrumptious and vegan sceptics will never know anything other than its a fantastic cake.


vegan cookies

Vegan Cookies

First is our hazelut cookie; loaded with hazelnuts this is an exceptional vegan treat is made for all to enjoy.

Next up is our breakfast cookie; It took a few simple changes to make this soft, chewy cookie into a vegan staple.


vegan chocolate cake

Chocolate Cake

Our vegan chocolate cake is light and moist and perfect for chocolate lovers. A simple and delicious vegan dessert decorated with fresh raspberries. 


vegan croissant

Vegan  Croissant

You absolutely won’t believe its vegan. It’s perfectly flaky and has all the layers you would expect from any croissant. 


choclate vegan muffin

Vegan Chocolate Muffin

The bitterness and sweetness of the dark chocolate make this a very scrumptious muffin.


DeBaere also has a blog post on some vegan baking alternatives. Vegan baking is not something to get overwhelmed by! Eggs, milk, and butter are all staple ingredients in traditional baking – but they’re not necessary to whip up a batch of vegan gooey brownies, chocolate chip cookies or birthday cake. There are vegan alternatives for baking at home available in every grocery shop these days.


Article copy and source by: DeBaere Bakery