FRANCHISE FOCUS - Broccoli Pizza & Pasta

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Broccoli Pizza and Pasta has been voted as the 6th best restaurant franchise in the United Kingdom as part of Elite franchises top 100 franchise opportunities. With the continued growth in the UK over 2018, the company expects to reach 25 open restaurants by the end of the year, with over 180 open globally. 

The brand which originated in Dubai in 2011 has grown to be a multi national company in a short space of time. During 2018, Broccoli Pizza & Pasta is introducing fresh new items to the menu to maintain the edge on the competition. This coupled with the 100% halal menu has allowed the brand to acquire multiple sites in major cities. This will allow Broccoli Pizza and Pasta to become a house hold name in the UK, as it has across the globe. 

Broccoli Pizza and Pasta are planning to open 10 company owned sites in the UK by the end of 2018, with the award winning new designs. The new recipes, along with carefully planned growth strategy have encouraged our first UK franchisees to open next to some of the largest brands in the UK and maintain success. During 2018 Broccoli Pizza & Pastas target is to become the number 1 restaurant franchise in the whole of the UK. 

Talk to the team at the International Franchise Show this Feb!


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