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Did Teach

Did Teach is the UK’s number 1 platform dedicated to helping teachers change career.

We help teachers smoothly transition from education into other sectors, diversify their income with part-time or holiday work and help them find franchises that suit their skill set and interests.

As successful teachers ourselves we are fully aware of the qualities and capabilities that educators possess. However, we are also conscious that many outstanding teachers have ambitions outside of the classroom or want to enrich their experiences with “extracurricular” work.

Teachers have the capability to excel.

Teachers add value to organisations in the education and children’s sector because of their unrivalled knowledge of the school system and years of working with young people. If working with children is at the heart of your franchise, who better to become a franchisee than a teacher.

We have a curated directory of franchises specifically for people with teaching skills. We handpick franchises that we feel have the right values for our audience.

We aim to create a positive relationship with all our franchisors, offering them guest blogging opportunities, a weekly Facebook open conversation and a chance for them to share their news and events with our database of over 20,000 teachers. Many of our franchises also place job adverts when looking for extra staff to support them throughout the year.

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