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16 & 17 APR 2021


Francorp Middle East Management Consultancies

Who Are We?

Francorp is the world's oldest and largest franchise development firm established in 1976 in Chicago USA. For more than 46 years, Francorp's role has been to discover special businesses, determine how they can benefit from franchising, and then provide the strategies and services that enable them to optimize their concept.

What makes Francorp so unique, and our clients so successful, is that we provide all the franchise resources a business needs, through the seamless and coordinated efforts of an in-house team of experts. We are able to save our clients time, money and the stress of trying to manage everything alone.

Francorp services are many. We provide services to existing franchisors and new potential franchisors in franchise structure development, franchise sales, training and support, franchise management training and last but not least, our on-going franchise development services and consultations.

Over the years, Francorp has assisted more than 15,000 companies planning for expansion in over 55 countries, and we have developed more than 5,000 full franchise development programs. With its Head Quarters in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, Francorp Middle East has the strongest regional presence in the franchise industry; having developed the franchise systems and structures of over 1000 brands across the GCC, Levant, Turkey, Egypt as well as other international markets in its 15 years of operation.

The beauty of franchising as a business expansion method is that it is not limited to specific brands or specific industries. Any business in any sector can be franchised and our client list proves that, we have worked with businesses ranging from hospitals to funeral homes and everything in between. Our clientele spans across many industries and geographies: Internationally for companies such as McDonald's, Living Well, Rapid Care, Rotter & Krauss, Mad Science Group, Tutoring Club, Primrose Schools, Academy of Learning, First Stop, to name just a few.

Through our 8 step questionnaire, entrepreneurs will be able to determine how franchisable they are before we proceed, and once that is determined, we will implement our unique 20 step system for developing successful franchises.

All that is needed to get on your way to franchising is to book a free consultation!

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