Charles Duncombe

The Holiday Franchise Company

In his twenties Charles Duncombe decided to abandon his cushy, lucrative job as a corporate lawyer to set up set up his first online business …. selling tights to women!

Slowly he got the business profitable and to the 1 million+ visitors a year mark with a similar number in sales. He then sold it and a few years’ later it went bust (which is an eye-opening story in itself!).

He had left the business before that though and had already launched on capital of just £6,000. Since then Holidaysplease has grown to sales of over £25m a year, has been profitable from the start and is still growing at almost 20% a year. It has also picked up numerous industry awards including “Online Travel Agency of the Year” and can name many high-profile people on its customer list. Charles has appeared on national and international media outlets including the BBC and CNN.

Charles is proud to have built his company without any prior knowledge of how to market or run a business. He has learnt on “best guesses”, trial, error and street fighting. He knows the no nonsense, no BS things that work and is willing to share them with you.

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How to choose the right business & supercharge it’s start….

In this eye-opening talk, Charles will give you advice on choosing the right business for you and how to get it off to a flying start without breaking the bank. He will give street fighter marketing techniques that can help accelerate your business. He will also help you spot the snake oil salesmen who try to sell you things that could strangle your business at birth.