Ian Thomas

Google Digital Garage

Between 2017 and 2018 I had the pleasure of working with Google at the Google Digital Garage in Birmingham. An initiative from Google to provide free digital skills training, helping communities bridge the worldwide digital skills gap. During the middle of 2018, I attended the ''Future of Work'' event in Brussels, Belgium, on behalf of UpSkill Digital to represent Google as a speaker and expert.

Delegates from the European Parliament and small to medium-sized businesses were in attendance, of which I spent the day talking about Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence and the future opportunities therein.

I actively study machine learning’s potential to alter the global, socioeconomic landscape including impacts to jobs, society and ethics. I''m particularly interested in the future of self-driving cars, medical and biotech.

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Google Digital Garage Theatre

11:00 Learn about creating a social media strategy based on your business goals.

13:00 Introduction to Digital Advertising - Learn about search, social and display advertising and how to get started with advertising a business.

14:00 Build a Digital Marketing Plan - Learn how to build your own digital marketing plan for success.