Aaron Buggle

Soapbox Media

Aaron Buggle is Founder of Soapbox Media.

Aaron is a former international and professional athlete having spent most of his early twenties competing in the world’s biggest competitions. After retiring in 2013, Aaron quickly applied the same ambition and focus to business and co- founded A1 Coaching. Using innovative marketing strategies, A1 went on to gather 20k+ views on daily video content, a lot of which were translated into warmer leads and eventually paying clients. A1 quickly became one of the largest online coaching businesses in the world. Seeing an opportunity to provide the same impact and value with other businesses, Aaron stepped away from A1 and founded Soapbox Media in 2018, which is now proud to present Soapy Social.

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Social media success: Turning likes, shares & follows into sales.

Join Soapbox in this seminar to find out what a successful and effective social media marketing campaign looks like in 2019. We will outline the opportunities and challenges businesses face when advertising on social media. Learn how target audiences and segmentation will increase engagement, and further, to convert an engaged audience into paying customers.