Andy Cheetham

Lime Licensing Group

Learn from someone who has been there and done it for themselves. Andy Cheetham has a stellar franchising pedigree as one of the UK’s most consistently successful franchising professionals. His unique approach to franchising a business and recruiting a national network has been formed as a result of being a multiple brand franchisor himself and more recently a trusted confidential advisor to many franchising entrepreneurs.

Andy and his team of franchise executives have recruited several thousand franchisees for their clients and amassed royalty streams well in excess of £50 million for various UK brand owners.

Recommending elite strategies, structures, fees and processes for both new and established franchisors and running numerous franchise recruitment campaigns gives Andy’s clients a comprehensive understanding of every issue in franchising from PLC level down to small private firms. Andy’s clients have access to a skill set that is invaluable to any new or established franchisor.

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