Clive Sawyer

Business Options

Clive is the founder and Managing Director of Business Options. Business Options is one of the UK’s leading franchise and business expansion consultancy providing help, advice and support to companies looking to expand their business through franchising, and if not find appropriate alternative expansion models such as licensing, distributorships or agencies.

Clive has been helping companies to franchise, both in the UK and internationally for over 15 years and is a regular speaker at a wide range of franchise events.

Clive has a reputation as one of the leading Franchise Consultants in the UK and delivers franchise opportunities to the market in a way that gives them every opportunity of building a successful network. He is also known for his ethical and dedicated approach.

Clive is a prolific author having written three books on franchising “How to Franchise Your Business”; “20 Most Asked Questions in Franchising”; and “The Essential Women’s Guide to Buying a Franchise”.

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How to Successfully Franchise Your Business

This seminar is for any business owner considering franchising their business. Clive will discuss what makes a business franchiseable, the key components that need to be in place when franchising, the revenue streams in a franchise, and what is involved in setting up and launching a successful franchise.