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Doug Downer

Doug Downer

The Franchise Guy, Franchise Ready

Doug Downer an experienced Business Developer and Coach with an impressive 30+ year senior management history in developing and leading businesses within the Franchising sector. He has been recognised in the Top 30 Franchise Executives in Australia on 4 occasions and recognised int the Top 100 Global Influencers in Franchising in the past 3 years.

Doug owns five franchises as a franchisee and has been responsible for the establishment of three start-up franchise systems. Doug has operated at CEO and Director level in eight franchise systems. He also started, owns, and operates five successful SME Businesses of his own, so he is well versed in all aspects of franchising. His business Franchise Ready has launched and supported over 200 brands into franchising and has franchised the brand throughout the world enabling us to take those brands we work with anywhere in the world.


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