Fiona Steels

Auditel UK

Fiona Steels, Head of Support and Franchise Recruitment with Auditel, has enjoyed a prestigious career. Starting as Head of Technical Illustration, she worked on major commercial projects worth millions, before launching her own company in 2004.

In 2008, Fiona stepped into franchising, where she has continued her success. She has been involved with an extensive number of respected franchises, including Alpha Graphics, Tutor Doctor, Platinum Property Partners, Betterclean, Totalclean and now Auditel.

As Head of Recruitment, Fiona has experience with helping people use the skills developed throughout their careers, for their own gain, instead of someone else’s. Hear how you can run your own successful business, as Fiona shares how to leverage your skills for success.

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How to leverage your skills for success

Ever wanted to run your own business? We will show you how to leverage YOUR skills for success and make the most of your next career or business opportunity. From earnings to lifestyle, how can you use your existing skill sets to build a long term career?