Frank Flegg

Ethical Property Partners

Frank started investing in 2006 with just £15,000 in the bank. He has built a portfolio of 90 units and is now financially free.

In 2016 he started franchising his no-money-down property investing system and today ‘Ethical Property Partners’ has over 30 franchisees across the country. The partnership supports the mission of ending homeless globally. To date, EPP has on 50,000 occasions housed a homeless person, a number that is growing continually!

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Choosing a franchise that will pay you a passive income forever

Frank will be showing you how to choose a franchise that will generate you a six-figure income now, whilst adding huge chunks of equity to your net worth for your long-term wealth generation. Frank will show you how franchisees with as little as £50,000 in the bank can purchase portfolios worth millions of pounds without needing mortgages from banks.