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Helen Doron

Helen Doron

CEO & Founder, Helen Doron Educational Group, Helen Doron Education

Helen Doron, a linguistic scientist and entrepreneur, developed this unique methodology to teach language to children the same way they learn their mother tongue. Beginning in 1985, Helen's vision to provide quality, brain-stimulating education to children has been realised, inspiring millions of students and an entire network of franchisees and teachers in 40 countries and growing yearly.

In developing her teaching methodology, Helen was influenced by the methodology of Dr Shinichi Suzuki, the founder of the Suzuki method, and the Doman method developed by Glenn Doman. After a few years, she developed her teaching system, known as the Helen Doron method, for children ages 3 months to 19 years old. Helen Doron Educational Group has long been a global franchising leader in children and education. Recognised as the Best Children and Education Franchise in 2019 and a leader in Global Mentorship in 2020 and 2021, our Group boasts over 1,200 learning centres and academies across 40 countries. Our franchise models—including MathRiders, Helen Doron English, Helen Doron Spanish, and our premiere offerings Helen Doron Academy and Helen Doron International, a complete curriculum nursery/kindergarten/Primary School (bilingual & all-English or all-Spanish models), which includes our proprietary foreign language (English or Spanish), Mathematics, Science, Multilingualism, Fitness, nutrition, Arts and crafts:—all programmes are built upon Helen Doron's innovative and proven methodology. The Group has successfully taught more than 3 million children to speak English or Spanish, appreciate mathematics, and explore science and nature—all in a fun and stimulating environment enhanced by arts, movement, and songs.

In 2024, The Helen Doron Educational Group introducing to the UK market Helen Doron Education, a dedicated brand for the UK featuring Fun Mathematics, Early English as a second language, Spanish as a foreign language, Early Child Development, Literacy, & a Drama programme. Backed by decades of unparalleled global success, our unique teaching method has been tailored to teach British children enhanced language and literacy, fine motor skills, creativity, communication and leadership qualities for lifelong personal growth and success. Supported by academic research, we provide diverse programmes suitable to different learning styles, building self-confidence and leadership skills in children. A Helen Doron Learning Centre is a fun, safe space for holistic and academic learning.

The Helen Doron Educational Group has as its vision to give children of all ages the best education so they will have a life of freedom and joy. This is done through special teaching methodologies and fantastic educational content that expands the children’s abilities. This provides a platform for each student to reach the fullest mental, physical and emotional potential.


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