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Ian Tyrrell

Ian Tyrrell

Chief Technology Officer, Pass the Keys

Ian is a seasoned technology leader with over 22 year’s experience across a broad range of industries and company stages.
His formative brush with franchising in the early 2000s included leading a major redevelopment of McDonalds’ UK Website
and rolling out a video training pilot for their stores.

He has been in charge of technology at Pass the Keys for the past 5 years, instrumental in adapting their systems for rapid franchise growth.
By embracing a cloud-native approach, Ian has helped Pass the Keys scale their partner network, pivoting early on towards remote-first sales
and onboarding which allowed for uninterrupted expansion throughout the pandemic. Ian has always
been drawn towards businesses that offer entrepreneurial enablement and is passionate about building platforms which support new businesses.
He feels there is a renaissance occurring in the franchise world as digital transformation offers
further and faster expansion for franchise brands.

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