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Joe Kim

Joe Kim

Founder & Chief DAE GEE® Officer, DAE GEE KOREAN BBQ

A Colorado Native, Joseph Kim has been cultivating the Korean BBQ experience throughout the Front Range for over 10 years. Joe’s style of dynamic entrepreneurship maximizes every opportunity to share memorable food experiences with the community. According to Joe, "it’s about family and for our restaurants the community that surrounds us is our family.”

Joe’s story began not in the kitchen, but in the cleaners. Coming up in his family dry cleaning business, he was approached by his mother-in-law with the idea of opening a Korean barbeque restaurant. While Joe took on the branding, business permits, payroll, and other operational details, she developed the menu. The very first DAE GEE opened in the Denver suburb of Westminster circa 2012, they have captivated a wide audience since.

DAE GEE comes from multi-generational roots and feeding the neighborhood runs in the family. Grandma's recipes have been passed down from the first family restaurant to mother in Law’s restaurant and now DAE GEE pays homage to all the family recipes. DAE GEE's authentic story is told through each and every meal.

Today, DAE GEE has firmly anchored itself as a modern full-service Korean barbeque spot progressively blending Korean food tradition with American culture. In fact, culinary star and restauranteur Guy Fieri – who has previously featured DAE GEE on his reality television series, “Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives" – has said of the franchise, “This isn’t just any Korean restaurant. This one’s off the hook!”

There are currently seven DAE GEE restaurants open and operating across Colorado’s Front Range, Indiana and Mexico, with more than 20 others in various stages of development across Boston, New Jersey, South Dakota, Texas, Indiana and Mexico. 


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