John Attridge


• John Attridge is the CEO of BBX UK, an international exchange site which helps business utilise their spare capacity by trading with one another instead of disrupting cash flow.
• Originally from Australia, John owned a successful car rental business for many years, but in 1989 an Australia-wide Pilots’ dispute crippled the tourism industry and sales started to decline. John’s car lot was emptying at a slower rate than usual and the problem had to be resolved.
• John was introduced to the trade of spare capacity: a way in which a community of like-minded business individuals could trade amongst each other using their spare resources, instead of through traditional forms of currency.
• From having such a rewarding experience trading spare capacity, which helped him in a time of recession, John was passionate to help other business utilise their own spare capacity. This resulted in him joining BBX in 1993 and setting up his own multi-million-pound community, The Queensland Trade Exchange, which he later sold in 2001.
• In 2014, John was appointed to launch BBX in the UK with a head office in Bournemouth. In just four years, he has built-up a multi-million turnover business and introduced BBX to over 6400 business customers.

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