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John Preston

John Preston

UK Director, Mathnasium

John Preston became a Mathnasium franchisee in 2019, opening his first centre in Clapham,  and soon becoming the most successful franchisee in the UK network. From there he went on to become UK Master Franchisee in 2020, before opening further company-owned centres as he developed the UK network. 


Looking to take his future career into his own hands, John left a successful career in Investment Banking when he began his own journey in franchising, and hasn’t looked back since. 


In a time of unprecedented demand for maths tuition, the UK network has gone from strength to strength both in terms of the existing centre growth as well as new centre openings.


John’s love for the business is evident, but his love of the added benefits of changing people’s lives is equally apparent and is a key driver of his passion for this unique educational business.


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