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Kishan Bhatt

Kishan Bhatt

Founder, Solicitor-Advocate, Mediator & Negotiator, Law For Me Tech

I am striving to create the most innovative legal platform available connecting clients, lawyers, and technology to transform legal services and create an exceptional legal experience.

I am the Founder & Director of Law For Me and I am responsible for the overall management of the company's lawyers, management team, clients, recruitment, and legal tech drive. I am also a Partner at Taylor Rose MW and Spencer West LLP, two top city law firms in the Legal 500. 

I am always actively recruiting lawyers to join our team and I help self-employed lawyers really grow their practices by assisting with business development and growth. I am always looking for lawyers interested in a different way of working, who want to earn more, have more flexibility, less management responsibilities, a reputable city law firm behind them, and a legal platform that can really help them succeed.

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