Lee Bester

Digit FMS

Lee Bester starting his business career in 2009 as a consultant to fleet owners who wanted to better manage their fleets using telemetry solutions. He chose to represent an established product marketed as Digit FMS in South Africa, as the solution was well suited to most small to medium fleets, where the bulk of the demand lies. Within a few years the Digit business, head office offered Lee a position as the Franchise Manager. Over the past six years he has helped many branches develop their own footprint of users and ensured their long-term prosperity with the Digit system.

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Making recurring profit by solving recurring problems.

Today’s advanced telematics solutions are considered to be one of the most important tools for the modern business owner. Having control over one’s fleet & drivers has always been important, but with rising costs the need to guard against losses is increasing. Without effective management, business’s lack the key competitive advantage of receiving instant usable information to manage their day to day tasks as efficiently as possible whilst mitigating risks.

Lee Bester will explain how vast this market opportunity is in the UK and how Digit FMS can offer a turn-key business solution, allowing you to start profiting immediately in this exciting market segment.